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About the course

Our Arabic Language - Self-Paced Video Lessons are designed to help you learn Arabic by yourself at your own pace. Here, you will get access to a range of pre-recorded Arabic video lessons, which you can play on any device. You can watch these videos without any internet connection and learn Arabic virtually from anywhere, at any time. Should you come across any doubts, you can reach out to our experts who will help you every step of the way towards meeting your goals. To top it all off, you can watch these videos over and over again until you are sure you have mastered the concepts. If regular classes are not your cup of tea, our Arabic Language - Self-Paced Video Lessons are the right option for you. Here’s a brief overview of what you are going to learn in this course:

Understand the structure of the sentence in Arabic

It will help you understand the structure of Arabic sentences

Form hundreds of sentences (and questions) without the need to memorise phrases and sentences.

Form questions and phrases without memorization

Introducing yourself and greet others.

Introduce yourself and greet others

rder and request in a nice way in the restaurant and the cafe.

Perform your day-to-day activities in Arabic such as ordering food, booking tickets, etc.

Count in Arabic, ask and tell the time and talk about dates related topics

Learn how to count in Arabic and ask and tell time

Describe people and things

Describe people, places and things

Why learning Arabic?

Why should you learn the Arabic language in Dubai?

Arabic is an integral part of the UAE culture. It is the language of the Holy Quran and Islam - the dominant religion in the Middle East. Learning Arabic not only helps you understand the culture of the UAE but can also have far-reaching effects on your professional and personal life. It can help you build your network with the local community, prepare for an interview or land a job easily. That’s why we, at Mezan Institute, offer easy-to-learn Arabic language online courses in Dubai.

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About the trainer

Mozn Shaker Akhourshiedh holds a Master’s Degree in International Business and has worked with reputed organizations for almost 9 years. An engineer by profession, he always had a special interest in teaching. He founded the Mezan Institute to help people improve their communication, language and digital skills. His passion for the Arabic language is reflected in his book ‘Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers-Part 1’, published by Amazon in 2019. You can reach him at training@mezan-institute or his Linkedin profile

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i, I’m Mozn Shaker Akhourshiedah

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Learn Arabic Anytime, Anywhere

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, this self-study Arabic course is an easy way to learn Arabic or improve your existing Arabic skills. It is based on a step-by-step learning approach and you can learn in any setting at a convenient pace that suits you. You are also provided with constant support from native language teachers. Here's what you can expect:

Learn by doing
Learn by doing

Step-by-step tutorials and project-based learning

Get support
Get support

Support from native language experts


Let us look at some of the most commonly asked questions related to the Arabic Language - Self-Paced Video Lessons.

The cost of our Arabic Language Self-Paced Video course is just 180 AED
It depends on the effort you put in and the institute you enrol at. Our Arabic video lessons are designed for self-paced learning. We are sure that learning Arabic with Mezan will be a fun-filled and enjoyable experience for you.
Yes, we offer a certificate upon completion of the course.
Yes, you can play these videos on any device without an internet connection anywhere you like.
With on-hand support from teachers, you can clear all your doubts then and there and move ahead in the course just like a normal class.
You can pay for this course using your credit/debit card. But make sure you pay the fees before the course begins
If you wish to join this course, click on the ‘Enroll Now’ button and follow the instructions given. For Arabic Live sessions- you can contact us via or Watsapp us at +971502558959
No, there are no hidden costs besides the one shown here.
Our faculty consists of native speakers with many years of experience.
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