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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of classes do you teach?

We currently offer the following Language courses: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Turkish and Spanish, as well as, the following Academic and Hi-Tech courses: Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Programming and Robotics

How many courses are needed to learn a language at a fluent level?

This varies from student to student. We first test the capability of the student and start teaching the language based on their results. A student, after each class, should be progressing towards the next level.

What levels are available in your language courses?

We offer beginner, intermediate and professional stages which are spread out over a number of levels. To be good at carrying a full conversation in a language, a student should reach level 4 or 5, however, this also depends on the student's study efforts.

What extra activities do you offer?

As part of the course, we take our students on a practical activity where they will be provided with an opportunity to apply what they learnt in the classroom in a real life setting. This is only available for some of the courses.