Microsoft Excel Course

Microsoft Excel Course

This Microsoft Excel course helps the learners to understand how to work and manage data sets, it focuses on understanding rather memorizing, which leads into great results in a noticeably short time. You will learn many topics: Overview of Excel, Data entry, Creating Charts, PivotTables, Pivot Charts, Formulas, most common functions like Sum(), Average(), VLOOKUP()...etc. In a noticeably short time, you will be able to say you really know excel. You will become the Excel master in your organisation or Business.

This course will help the learners to improve their skills and be familiar with Microsoft Excel. Now a days, Microsoft Excel is one of the most important and used program worldwide.

We are going to start from the very basics, and gradually introduce basic functions, then dive into powerful tools like PivotTables.

What makes me qualified to teach you?

My name is Mozn and I have been a professional instructor for over a decade. Plus, I am the founder of Mezan Institute and the Author of a published book. I break down complex topics into an easy understandable message and help learners to absorb the study material in an easy and engaging way. My courses are continuously receiving 5-star reviews

What is this Excel course about?

In this guide to Microsoft Excel course, you will not only learn all the principles of Microsoft Excel, but also how to understand and become a star in your field.

This course will cover Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Excel, including:

  • Overview of Excel, what is it for and how to use it?
  • Entering, editing, formatting data in Excel
  • Formulas and main functions in Excel; Sum, Average, Min, Max...etc.
  • Charts and visualisation
  • The powerful tool of PivotTables
  • Creating and Managing PivotTables
  • And much more! New lectures will be added and updated when possible.

Learn from someone who is currently working in the industry, who knows the most current teaching techniques.

By the end of this course, your confidence as Data analyst using Excel will soar. You will have a thorough understanding of how to use Excel in a business or personal environment.

  • Duration: 2 Hours on-demand video
  • Method of Delivery: Videos accessible on mobile and Laptop
  • Target: Anyone interested in learning Microsoft Excel
  • Level: All Levels
How to sign up?

Simply follow the bellow link