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2nd floor, Lamborghini building, beside FAB metro station- Dubai - UAE

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Balancing your education needs to fit

About Mezan

 Mezan, derived from the Arabic word meaning scale and balance, is an institute committed to education and the learning process. Founded in the UAE in 2018, Mezan Institute provides up-to-date learning tools and catered language and hi-tech courses for all ages. 

What makes us different?

We offer our students with:

  1. Special curricula carefully designed to each student's level;
  2. Content management for the major industries; Luxury brands, Online Education courses...etc
  3. Experienced, native speakers for all language courses;
  4. Smaller classrooms for a more focused learning experience;
  5. Regular trips and abroad study programmes where students will have the opportunity to study a language in its originating country.




Our aim is to provide balance and carefully customized learning plans to each of our student's requirements. 



We offer group and individual tailored courses to students of all ages. Our network of students and instructors provide guaranteed results. What makes us better, is our flexible timings and locations to suit each and every student's busy schedule. 



Our students will gain their confidence in training by having the opportunity to utilize what they learn in real life situations.