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    Arabic Language - Live Sessions

    Arabic Language - Live Sessions

    Arabic Language - Live Sessions

    This course helps the learners to understand how the Arabic Language work, It focuses on understanding rather memorizing, which leads into great results in a very short time. You will learn many topics: How to introduce yourself in Arabic, understand the verbs system and how to form the possessive, How to greet others, Order food and Drinks and much more. In a very short time, you will be able to form hundreds of sentences by understanding how the language works, NOT by memorising.

    What is this Arabic Language course all about?

    In this complete guide to Arabic Language course, you'll not only learn all of the principles of the Arabic Language, but also how to understand the language and start thinking using it.

    This course will cover everything you need to know to start Speaking, Reading & Writing in Arabic, including:

    • Introducing yourself 

    • Greeting others 
    • Ordering food & Drinks and chatting in the restaurant/Cafe. 
    • How to form and structure the sentences in a correct way. 
    • Numbers and Days of the Week. 
    • Asking and Telling the Time. 
    • The most important adjectives and descriptive words 
    • The most important verbs and how to conjugate them in a very simple way. 
    • Presenting and describing your Family members. 
    • Talk about your daily routine and activities. 
    • Ask and Tell the directions, and Describe the main parts of the city 
    • Learn how to talk about future events and simple past actions 
    • Learn the Arabic Alphabet 
    • Read and Write in Arabic 
    • And much more! 

    Learn from someone who is currently working in the industry, who knows the most current teaching techniques, and who has a master’s in Languages from one of the world's top Universities. 
    By the end of this course, your confidence as Arabic Language learner will soar. You'll have a thorough understanding of how to use the Language with your friends or in a business environment.

    Course FAQ

    What is the cost of the courses?

    • Pre-recorded classes: US$ 49 per month 
    • Live sessions (online/face to face): US$ 340 per level 

    How hard is learning Arabic?

    Arabic language is not hard, as long you learn it with the right method. We focus on understanding rather than memorization, so you can improve your skills in relatively short time. 

    Do you offer a certificate upon completion of the course?


    What happens if I miss a class?

    We have make-up lessons, recorded videos and webinars to cover any lessons you might miss. 

    How can I pay for the course?

    • For the pre-recorded classes, you can pay with credit/debit card. 
    • For the live session (online and face to face), you can pay either bank transfer, or cash. 
    • All fees must be paid before the beginning of the classes. 

    How can I sign-up in the course?

    • For the pre-recorded videos, you simply follow the link below the course picture. 
    • For the live sessions (Online or face to face). Please contact us via email: training@mezan-institute.com Or WhatsApp: +971 50 255 8959 

    Are there any hidden costs beside the one announced?

    No. there are no hidden costs.

    What is the nationality of the teachers?

    • All our instructors are native speakers of the target language and have excellent experience in their field. 
    • What is the mean of delivery for the classes? Online or face to face? 
    • Currently we have 3 options for the classes: 
    • Live session in the classes room (face to face) 
    • Online through zoom 
    • Pre-recorded videos 

    Do you offer one to one classes?

    Yes, we have both options; one to one classes and group classes. 

    What training courses do you offer?

    Currently We offer: 

    • Arabic Language courses for non-native speakers. 
    • Spanish Language courses 
    • Microsoft Excel courses 

    Cost: 1450 AED
    • Duration: 20 Hours live sessions
    • Method of Delivery: Online through Zoom
    • Target: Non-native speakers
    • Level: Beginners
    • Cost: Cost: 1450 AED
    How to sign up?

    Simply follow the bellow link