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Benefits Of Learning Arabic

You’ll have an edge over competition even if you are in the West. The demand for people fluent in Arabic is quite high. In fact, only a few people from the West attempt to learn Arabic. department of foreign affairs needs people who are fluent speakers of Arabic. There are many businesses, including translating and interpreting that are in need of Arabic speakers. Other fields that need Arabic speakers include foreign service, consulting, banking and finance, education and journalism.

When you know Arabic, you’ll be able to have an easier time learning other languages spoken in the region, such as Farsi or Persian, Turkish, Urdu and even Hebrew. Most of the vocabularies of these languages are derived from and similar to Arabic words so you will be able to quickly grasp the semantic and grammatical concepts of the other languages.

If you are an American, you might avail of the financial incentives the U.S. government grants to people who are interested to learn Arabic. The government has declared that Arabic is a language that has strategic importance. Also, the National Strategic Language Initiative promotes the learning of several languages that are critical to the foreign policies and relationships of the government. It provides learning opportunities and scholarships for those interested to learn a critical language. The support covers courses from arabic for beginners to advanced levels, professional development, teacher exchanges, opportunities for intensive instruction. You can check the scholarships available from the Critical Language Scholarship Program, the Boren Awards of the National Security Education Program and the Arabic Overseas Language Flagship Program.

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