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Facts About Arabic Language

It’s always good to know a little about the origins and history of the language that you are learning.

If you are planning to learn Arabic in Dubai, here, the most interesting Arabic language facts:

1.  Over 422 million people are speaking Arabic language.

2.  Arabic language contains 12 302 912 Words.

3.  There are around 280 million Arabic native speakers worldwide.

Arabic Language is an official language in 26 countries, it’s the fifth most spoken language in the world.

4.  Arabic Language has influenced a great number of languages.

Including most European languages, English has many Arabic language loanwords such as alcohol, algebra, algorithm, cotton, guitar, lemon, magazine and sugar.

5.  Arabic language has no capital letters.

The Arabic alphabet uses quotation marks for emphasis instead of capital letters

6.  Arabic language has sounds that don’t exist in other languages

Some non-native speakers find it difficult to pronounce words in Arabic language, due to the some of the sounds being uncommon in other spoken languages. For example, ‘ح’ is a ‘h’ sound that is only found in Arabic language.

7.  Arabic language words are written from right to left.

Unlike many other widely used languages, Arabic language words are written from right to left, and Arabic numbers are written from left to right.

If you’re in Dubai and thinking about learning a new language, you have to learn Arabic language, because the native Arabic language in Dubai is Arabic, and to be able to communicate effectively and faster with others, learning Arabic in Dubai is one of the important things.

To save your time and increase your language skills, you can join remotely Arabic language learning centers.

One of the best online institute to learn Arabic in Dubai is Mezan institute, which helps you learn Arabic language in a short time, because the teachers are people who speak Arabic language fluently because it is their mother language.

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