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Five Traditional Ramadan meals from Arabic Countries

Ramadan is the holiest month of the year celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

Every Arab country has its own way of celebrating this blessed month, either with family or friends.

It is mentioned that there are common customs and traditions in the Middle East that are very similar, especially traditional Arab food. Although some foods belong to a specific country or part of the Arab region, everyone offers and eats them.

Here are five Arab dishes that can be found in more than one Arab country during the month of Ramadan:


It is a traditional cultural dish that originated in the Levant (Syria, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon) and is made from rice, meat and yogurt. It is one of the favorite meals among many Arabs.

Grape leaves

It is made of grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat. Vine leaves are served as a main dish on the table during Ramadan. It is a very unique and very tasty dish


A popular dish in the Gulf, it consists of coarse ground wheat buried underground with chicken or meat.


It is a dessert made of butter, sugar, milk and flour. It is called Luqaimat in the Gulf, buoys in Levant, and dumplings in Egypt.


It is a common dish eaten during the month of Ramadan. Made of pieces of bread and meat similar to soup. Vegetables can also be added to it.

Thareed is a popular dish in the Gulf countries and other Arab countries.

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