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Learning through Doing and Sharing

Language learning is one of the basic skills that you need in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai, as some learn a new language for the purpose of tourism and travel, while others learn it to increase their skills and learn about new cultures. However, most people want to learn other languages ​​to help increasing their employability and increase their income.

One of the main languages ​​that you must learn in Dubai is Arabic Language. As it is the official language in the Middle East and North Africa region, because most of the population speaks it. The Arabic language is important in building relationships and an important way to communicate with others and gain new job opportunities.

You need to master the Arabic language about a year and a half, according to a study done by some Arabic language learning institutes. At a time when the world turns into a small village due to the technology used, learning a new language has become easier and simpler. It gives you an opportunity to work in the Arabic language remotely and in a time appropriate to your work time.

There are many ways to learn Arabic by your self through Learning the alphabet, reading and writing, is one of the basics in learning the Arabic language, as you can continue learning Arabic vocabulary and then syntax. And the most important stage in learning the Arabic language is communicating with others to be able to use vocabulary and learn basic terms in communication.

Moreover, there are as well many ideas that you can do to learn Arabic with others who are also willing to learn Arabic Like your family or your friends. There is no better way. It's the difference in the way used by each person to learn a new language, except that when learning Arabic as a family, this means that you must determine the best way for everyone to achieve the maximum benefit. If you are learning with your friends, then learning Arabic will be more fun. Whether singing with your friends or playing simple games in addition to watching TV programs.

There are online Arabic courses for groups where all family members can participate to improve their skills or for individuals who want to learn a new language with themselves. One of the best institutes in Dubai to learn Arabic as a group, the Mezan Institute, where you can join lessons remotely with special prices and with native teachers where Arabic is their mother language. For information and details about training course dates, you can visit the Mezan Institute website on the following link:

 Or contact the support team directly at +971 50 255 8959