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How to find time to learn new language?

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially, to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity. While learning a new language such as Arabic language, you should time manage yourself to have some time for your language learning. Therefore, when time managing your schedule, you always have to put in mind that everything has a time. Learning a new skill has its time, work has its time, learning a new language has its time, the family has a time, friends have a time etc..

However, how can you find time to learn new language when having all of these responsibilities in your life?

Here are some steps you can follow:

ü  Try to read over before sleeping: It’s really important if you go through your learnings before sleeping, so your brain keeps processing what you’ve learned during the night and you wake up a bit more fluent than you were before you went to sleep.

ü  Link Language Learning to Everyday Tasks: When learning a new language, you should keep in mind that you have to revise and practice what you’ve learned every day. And try learning new things everyday language is a sea that is full of words. Linking Arabic learning to an everyday task will help you improve your Arabic skills gradually.

ü  Get used to the online learning with Mezan institute: Mezan institute runs 20 hours live sessions, online through zoom for its learners. Completing these hours every week twice plus working with our tips will give you the best of the best learning resource. And deciding the days and times that you would like to join our sessions with, will help you design your schedule in the way the will allow you achieve the best outcomes of our sessions and your Arabic learning.

Having time to learn a new language such as Arabic is important, especially if you are living in a country that speaks this language officially like UAE(Dubai). Time managing is a hard one as today is different from yesterday, however using our suggested steps and our sessions that will keen to provide the best times that will fit your schedule.