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Why you have to make Arabic language courses for company employees in the UAE?

Arabic language is the official language of the United Arab Emirates and is also spoken by more 400 million people around the world. 

The current population of the UAE is 9.9 million and expatriates are estimated to make up 90% of it. Despite this, Arabic language remains the official business language of the country and its proficiency offers many advantages. Such as:

Make you more connected with the culture: Learning Arabic language helps individuals (specifically those new to the country) understand the country’s culture and traditions. The UAE businesses culture is vastly different to that of other countries, as it is combined from both the western and eastern culture. Therefore, even if they are not working in businesses that ask mainly for the Arabic language, their work will still  involves engaging with countries and people speaking Arabic, learning the language can be extremely useful in building strong and relationships.

Helps you communicate with mates that only speaks the Arabic language: While English is widely used in Dubai, other parts of the country have people who either aren’t fluent in English or have absolutely no knowledge of it. Therefore, you speaking Arabic language with them will prevent them from loneliness that might cause for them anxiety, which can affect their functionality in their work

Better work opportunities: Learning Arabic language, will provide each and every employee a better work opportunities and higher work placements. Apart from having better work opportunities being multilingual and having additional language like  Arabic also has the chance of receiving a pay higher than their monolingual competitors.

All of these advantages can be achieved through Mezan institute. Learning Arabic will be clear as mud, and a piece of cake for our learners through the zoom online Arabic classes that we provide each and every day. 

We are always keen to provide the best of the best learning resource and sessions of the Arabic language to our learners in order to help them achieve anything they would like to achieve using their Arabic language skills.