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The most Arabic saying that you can use in daily conversation

The Arabic language is very rich of millions of words that a person can use every day.

The Arabic language has the greatest number of words compare to all the languages in the world, it has about 12.3 million word.

Regarding this huge number of words, there would be a special one that are very common and used mostly every day.

One of these words is “Thank you”, which is written in Arabic as “شكرا” and pronounced as “Shukran”.it is used mostly by every Arab person every day in their conversation either at the end of the conversation or when someone do a favor for others as a way of showing respect to that person and appreciating the work.

Other very famous and common word that is used every day is "السلامو عليكم" and pronounced as “Alsalamu Alikum”, it’s used” when you meet anyone, before starting any conversation and when you want to enter or leave any place that have people inside it 

Furthermore, there is another common and frequently used word in the Arabic language which is “How are you?” which is written as "كيفالحال" and pronounced as “Kaif Al hal”.

It is used like in all other languages, to check other people’s attitude and situation.

It is said every time you meet a person to show that you are caring about him and wanting to know if he is okay or not

As the Arabic language is rich in its words and vocabularies, there are many common and famous words and phrases that are used daily in conversations by Arab people.

Learning Arabic phrases and those words would be good as you will know what are the most frequently spoken words by the native speaker of the Arabic language.

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