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Improve your Arabic vocabulary

The Arabic language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world, it consists of millions of words with the largest dictionary containing more than 120,000 words.

This might be a big challenge for you to learn Arabic language well, but the good fact you must know when learning Arabic Language is that  learning 5% of the total words gives you a chance to speak Arabic well.

The most encouraging thing is that learning a minimum of 100 Arabic words will help you understand Arabic articles.

Each new Arabic word you learn makes you more confident in speaking Arabic.

When you learn Arabic language, learning the Arabic words most used in the first step is more important than the unusual words you may not use

If you start learning the Arabic language while living in Dubai, you can use common words in conversation with someone living there, this will make your Arabic skills more sophisticated.

One of the best educational centers to learn languages ​​remotely in Dubai, which helps you learn in a short time, is the Mezan Institute, as Mezan has teachers who their mother language is Arabic in addition to other languages ​​such as Spanish and other training courses.

For course dates, you can visit the Mezan Institute website or contact our team directly via WhatsApp: +971502558959