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Useful Arabic Phrases

One of the most important steps in learning Arabic language, is to start with the most common Arabic phrases and expressions, then to use the Arabic sentences you learned in real conversations.

Let’s go over some common phrases in Arabic that spoken by native Arabic speakers.

How to introduce yourself

1.  Hello/Hi


2.  How are you?

Kaif Al-hal?

3.  Fine

Jayyed / bikhair

4.  What is your name?

Maa ismuka?

5.  My name is


6.  Where are you from?

Min ayna anta?

7.  I am from

Ana min

8.  I live in

Askun fee

9.  I work in

A3mal fee

10.  Nice to meet you!


11.  Bye

Ma3 assalama

12.  What time is it?

Kam assa3a?

13.  What do you think?

Ma rayok?

14.  Never mind

Mish mohim

15.  I don’t understand

La afham

16.  What’s your phone number?

Ma raqamuka?

17.  Give me one minute

Daqiqa itha samaht

18.  Sorry for the delay

Aasif 3la al-takher

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