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The importance of learning the Arabic language

Learning a new language is a difficult and fun experience at the same time, so how about if the experience is to learn the Arabic language

The importance of learning the Arabic language 

A new language means a new life and spirit. More than 400 million people around the world speak the Arabic language. It is an official language in 27 countries, so learning Arabic will help you while you are traveling for tourism or business in the Middle East, especially the United Arab Emirates -Dubai, to communicate more effectively with others. 

Arabic is the language of ancient civilizations, and if you can read well, you will be more able to learn about the ancient culture and humanities. 

How to learn Arabic ?

  • Before starting to learn, write the reason for your desire to learn the Arabic language, because that will give you a strong motivation to continue and work hard on learning. 
  • If you want to learn this global language, start from the alphabet to be able to pronounce it properly. Download the alphabet and spend about 20 minutes to practice writing the letters of the alphabet. 
  • Make a weekly list of a certain number of words to memorize, make that your goal, and write it on a small pocket notebook. 
  • You can identify the most common phrases used in daily life, such as those used in restaurants, or the phrases used to introduce yourself to new people. 
  • Watch Arabic news, movies, and documents on YouTube or follow BBC Arabic, Al Jazeera, Vice Arabia (an amazing and more exciting outlet that covers unique and sometimes controversial stories more than other networks), Nat Geo Abu Dhabi, and DW Documentary. 
  • Follow Arabic speakers on social media. 
  • Finally, and most importantly, you should attend online training courses so that you can speak with native speakers and gain a native accent. 

How can I learn the Arabic Language online

  • Explore the best online institute to learn from native people. 
  • Master Arabic by listening to native speakers. 
  • Practice what you've learned by having real conversations with Arabic native speakers. 
  • Improve the knowledge by using a smart repetition system. 

Mezan Institute, the institute that can achieve your goals in learning Arabic, because we do our best to teach the Arabic language to native speakers, at all levels, and at the right times.