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The language of Dhad

The Arabic language, or,or the language of Dhad, as it is called, is one of the most widespread international languages ​​in the world, as it is the first language in the Middle East. 

Many students seek to study Arabic for several reasons

- The aesthetic of the Arabic language. 

- For the purpose of tourism in the Arab countries, especially the United Arab Emirates - Dubai

- Increase your chances of getting a job. 

- Ease of interacting with others and making communication more effective. 

How to learn Arabic 

The total number of letters in the Arabic language reaches twenty-eight letters, and to facilitate learning the Arabic language, it is best to start learning the letters orally and learn to write each letter separately, distinguish it from the rest of the letters and write it in all its forms. 

After mastering the letters verbally and in writing, comes the stage of memorizing many vocabularies and then synthesizing sentences. 

Phrases of the Arabic language are divided into two types: 

The noun sentence and the verbal sentence, and each type of these sentences has grammatical foundations and rules that must be used in writing and formulating them in order to contribute to the transmission of their own ideas, 

Therefore, when learning Arabic, it is best to start with letters, vocabulary, and sentence structure. 

One of the easiest and most effective ways is to join the Arabic Language Learning Institute to have the opportunity to communicate with others, especially people whose mother language is Arabic. 

The most important centers for learning Arabic in Dubai 

If you are a foreigner in Dubai, then you should focus on Modern Standard Arabic. 

The vast majority of people speak this language, especially in big cities, and it is also used in international meetings and conferences held in the Arabic language, in addition, it is being used in books, media, and mosques. 

Therefore, we recommend that you go to the Arabic Language Center and follow the educational courses in private or remote classes. 

 One of the centers that teach Arabic in an interactive and systematic way by native language professors is the Arabic language Mezan Institute - Dubai, where Mezan Institute offers public and private educational courses, groups, and companies at all levels and with flexible times to suit everyone. 

Contact our WhatsApp team on the number: +971502558959 or visit the institute's documentation on the Internet: 

Mezan Institute - Dubai 

Lamborghini Dubai Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Exit 41